Client In-depths

Read about some of the people who have studied vocal technique with Panthea:


Client In-depths :
Elizabeth Conway, actor/singer

…FOUR YEARS ON MUSICAL THEATRE, BREATHING, ROCK AND LIFE.       There’s not enough I could put into words about Panthea as a vocal coach, or consequently, a life coach and guiding light. I arrived new to Montreal and Canada as an 18 year old first year university student with bright eyes, a thousand […]

Client In-depths :
Alia Lahlou, actor

…A DEEPER LEVEL OF LIBERATION, THAT OF MY INNER VOICE.   Panthea has helped me find my voice and through it, I have found myself. My work with her has transformed my voice, my body and my way of thinking. Her technical expertise combined with her generous heart make her an incredible, empowering coach.  Before […]

Client In-depths :
Nicole Gibson – singer/recording artist

THE AMOUNT OF ‘WOW’ MOMENTS WAS ALMOST OVERWHELMING  ‘As soon as you could talk you started to sing’ this is what my mom always says to me whenever I ask about when she first heard me sing. My voice has been an essential part of my identity and being for my entire life and taking […]

Client In-depths :
Elisabeth Yale – actor, film editor

NO MORE HOLDING BACK   I have loved singing songs for as long as I can remember. I love music and I love it even more when I’m the instrument. But all of my life, the voice I have known as my own was very small and timid. I was very shy and sensitive, and […]

Client In-depths :
Marie-Anik Deschamps – actor, clown, puppeteer, stilt-walker

A NEW AND HEALTHY PATH TOWARDS MY LONGEVITY AS A PERFORMER   On the way to my first vocal coaching session with Panthea I could not stop thinking about a few years earlier when a previous singing teacher had told me that music was definitely not my field and showed me the door.  I was […]

Client In-depths :
Sherry Chen – United Nations interpreter, actor, director

“IT ALL STARTED WITH GAY KARAOKE” TRANSFORMING CHAMELEON REACTIONS INTO TOOLS It all started with a wild night in a gay karaoke bar two years ago.  I watched my friends take the microphone one by one, singing their hearts out to an appreciative crowd.  I was enveloped by a sense of loss and longing, suddenly […]

Client In-depths :
Matthieu Mascre, actor

I DISCOVERED MY VOICE TYPE IS PRETTY RARE, AND I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN NOW!     When I arrived at my first session and met Panthea, I really had no idea what to expect.  I had heard about Panthea quite a few times in acting class and, as I had recently been required to […]

Client In-depths :
Lydia Zadel – actor, producer, filmaker

MY SECRET LITTLE ADVENTURE AS A ROCK STAR When I started taking lessons with Panthea, the intention was purely to try something new, to have fun and privately play the role of a rock star once a week.  I had no aspirations of becoming a professional singer or even using singing as part of my […]
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